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The International Conference on Sustainable Development of Critical Infrastructure (IC-SDCI 2014) will be held in Shanghai, China on the campus of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) May 16-18 2014. This is the first joint international conference sponsored by both China Civil Engineering Society (CCES) and American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Shanghai is in the midst of developing infrastructure systems for the entire China; these include all types of infrastructure systems, from buildings, bridges and tunnels, high-speed rails and super-highways, to nuclear power plants, and wind and solar energy systems.

The ID-SDCI 2014 will be a platform for participants and international experts to discuss and exchange information, experience, and knowledge on the design, construction, and operation of infrastructure systems. The conference will also emphasize the technologies necessary for the development of all sustainable engineering systems including specialized topics on sustainability, resilience, risk assessment and management, and life-cycle performance and cost.

Leadership in the development of the technical and scientific programs of this international conference is provided by the respective technical committees of the two sponsoring societies; namely, the Committee for International Cooperation & Exchange of the CCES and the Council on Disaster Risk Management (CDRM) of the ASCE. The Technical Council on Life-Cycle Engineering (TCLC) of the Institute of Structural Engineering (SEI) and other groups of ASCE also contributed to the technical program of the conference.